LIVF main goal is growing minds for Christ, and what's more nourishing for the mind than God's Holy Word, the Bible!
That's why LIVF is engaged in Bible Study ministry among students in universities and campuses. These Bible Studies do not replace the Church by any means; on the contrary, we encourage every person to be an effective member in his/her church.
However, our meetings are a means to discuss contemporary issues that university students face and how we, as Christians, can face these daily challenges and pressures, to reflect Christ in every way possible. To live and speak for Jesus.


Music has always been a vital part of life, as it is a joy to the ears of many. Why not make this music pleasing to the Lord?
This is the question that LIVF band has answered and promised to do-glorify the Lord with voices of worship and instruments of praise!
The LIVF band seeks to create an atmosphere of worship that draws people closer to God. Throughout the years God has blessed us richly and we pray that you always see Jesus and only Jesus in our music.


Students and graduates wait patiently for LIVF annual conferences!
It's a perfect time for fellowship, growing in relationship with God, and meeting new Christian friends that share the LIVF vision! Throughout the years, many conferences were held, some in Lebanon, others in various Middle East countries, all of which were fruitful and beneficial.
We pray that every conference brings glory to God and a transformational change in the lives of those who attend it.


LIVF believes in the importance of preparing effective and godly leaders to serve the Lord in their churches and other ministries.
With this in mind, LIVF prepares leadership training conferences that highlight the role of a Christian young leader, his/her role in the church and community, and the power he/she has to grow minds for Christ!
The testimonies of LIVF leaders are living examples of how these trainings made a difference in their lives!

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