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LIVF Vision and Mission
Essence and Introduction
The "Lebanon InterVarsity Fellowship" is a Lebanese national independent organization; registered at the Lebanese Government. Whereof its activities focus on the services among students in the Universities, Colleges and faculties.
The Fellowship concentrates on the development of the upright patriotically spirit, and setting up the university student spiritually, socially, ethically and educationally to enable him/her to face the scientific currents, philosophical theories, challenges, religious suspicious and the like, which might shake his/her entity and scratches his/her spiritual life.
L.I.V.F. is:
Biblical...in accordance with the bible principles.
Evangelistic...students presenting Christ to their friends.
Self-Directed Administratively independant.
Locally Financed...aiming to support itself and accepts unconditional contributions.

The Purpose of L.I.V.F is:
to present to the university and college students of Lebanon the Gospel of Christ as contained in His Word.
to encourage the spiritual growth, maturity and commitment of young believers by means of Bible Study and prayer.
to train believing students to actively witness for Christ, especially on their own campus.
Activities and functions of the Fellowship
In addition to the social and educational activities that the fellowship is performing, its function rests primarily on understanding the Holy Scriptures and studying it thoroughly via small groups, in order to let every student participate personally in discussions and express his/her opinion at the put forth subjects.
Furthermore, the Fellowship carries out some of the spiritual and social periodic activities that assist the students at the sound intellectual growth and to know themselves emanating from recognition of GOD and His will in His expressed word, the Holy Scriptures. The Fellowship also, organizes some of the training and educational conferences when deemed necessary.
Fellowship Doctrine and Philosophy
The «Lebanon Intervarsity Fellowship» believes that the proper society commences with the action of GOD into the human heart and that by studying the "Holy Scriptures" and the growth of the thoughtful mind to "Jesus Christ". The healthy body and the sound mind and the lofty characters, based on God's word are straight and complete pillars into the intact nation structure whereof the commanders of the future society are the students of today who are raised upon the base of God's word.
The University life is a crossing-bridge to the world of thought, knowledge, and technology. Meanwhile, the vision of a fit and complete society should be preceded by an unimpaired and right structure of sound-mind and proper ethical education. Here appears the importance of knowing GOD and the bible study to build the human spirit and to face the challenges of education through biblical knowledge, to construct a suitable society aspiring always towards the best.
Profession of Faith - We believe:
In the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the only infallible, sufficient, and authoritative rule of faith and conduct.
In One God, eternally existent in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
In the diety of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Sinless life, His vicarious and atoning death, His bodilyresurrection, and His personal return in power and glory as Judge and King.
In the universal sinfulness and guilt of the human nature since the fall, rendering men subject to God's wrath and condemmation.
In the salvation of lost and sinful men only through the shed blood of Lord Jesus Christ by faith, apart from work, and through regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
In the Holy Spirit, who Indwells the believer and enables him to live a holy lif, to witnessand work for the Lord Jesus Christ.
In the spiritual unity in the Lord Jesus Christ of all believers, who thus compose the Church, the Body of Christ.
In the bodily resurrection of both the saved and the lost: those who are saved to the resurrection of life and those who are lost to the resurrection of condemnation.
Fellowship General Policy
The Fellowship in contributing to make its goals come true, believes in cooperation among individuals and other organizations which have faith in the Fellowship dogma in order to serve the individual, nation and society including the spiritual, cultural and social education based on the biblical rules.
Moreover, the Lebanon Intervarsity Fellowship is a member at IFES, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students and is affiliated with InterVarsity Press.
Fellowship funds & Support
The Fellowship is an independent organization in administration & decision. It receives moral and financial supports from establishments & individuals inside and outside Lebanon. The funds and donations that it receives are unconditional and are spent with the framework arranged to realize its objectives.

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